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Trimax Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Trimax Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

In 2021, Trimax Mowing Systems is celebrating our 40th anniversary – that’s 40 years of innovation, service, and leadership in commercial mowing solutions.

Where has the time gone?

In the last 40 years, Trimax has grown from a seven-person workshop into an international success story .

Innovation has been at the very heart of the company since it was founded by Bob Sievwright in 1981. He was looking for a way to share his revolutionary Gamma Flail design, the first high-efficiency flail available on the market. Trimax was formed from an amalgamation of local flail mower manufacturers and, with the implementation of the Gamma Flail, quickly became a mowing solutions leader in the burgeoning kiwifruit industry in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty.

In 1983 Trimax joined forces with Procut Engineering, founded by Jim McEwen, to market their low-profile rotary mowers and in 1985 purchased the company to round out the Trimax product line. With both flail and rotary mowers in their range, Trimax was ready to grow and expand into new markets.

Today Trimax operates facilities and teams in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Our flail and rotary mowers can be found maintaining turf to a high standard around the world.

Celebrate with us!

40 years of operation is quite an achievement, and we’re proud to mark this anniversary together as a global team with our Trimax family of dealers and customers.

Throughout the year we’ll share stories and insights from Trimax team members who have been with the business from the beginning. We’re excited to show you how far we’ve come and to share some exclusive previews of what’s up ahead for Trimax.

We invite you to join us as we look back on our history and as we look forward to what the next 40 years will bring. You’ll see we’ve still got some surprises up our sleeves – follow us on social media to join the celebration!

Does a higher tip speed always equal a better cut?

Does a higher tip speed always equal a better cut?

Everybody quotes blade tip speed, this is not nearly as important as spindle speed.

Blade tip speed is similar across all brands, and some brands are running tip speeds higher than required as the cleanest cut possible is only achievable within a certain speed range. Too fast and power and fuel are wasted, too slow and the grass is torn and damaged. What really matters is how many cuts or rotations the blade achieves per forward meter of travel, which is where spindle speed comes in.

Spindle speed information Faster spindle speeds


Trimax mowers feature shorter blade beams that enable more spindles to be fitted across the decks for any given cutting width. This keeps the deck compact for better weight distribution and maneuverability.

To maintain the perfect tip speed for cleanly cut grass, these shorter blade beams spin at a higher rate allowing the blade to take a smaller bite (clip) of grass each rotation, ultimately increasing the number of cuts per forward meter. This increased number of cuts is essential for producing a finer cut.

The other benefit is each spindle only has to handle a small volume of grass. This allows for the most effective use of the specialised Trimax airflow design in mixing the cut grass with air for an even spread which is discharged safely and effectively over the rear roller with no windows.

To gain an even greater number of cuts per meter, Trimax offers the patented Quattro Blade Kit on selected models increasing the blades per spindle from two to four, thereby doubling the number of cuts per rotation.

As an option, Quattro can be retrofitted for when an even finer clip of grass is needed. For all fine cut and turf applications, we recommend Quattro blade carriers and your choice of blade combinations including flat and uplift options.

Talk to your Trimax Sales Representative today about the best blade combination to suit your application. You can also book a demo by clicking here, or download our catalogue by clicking here.


Trimax Mowing Systems Announce Snake Series 2

Trimax Mowing Systems Announce Snake Series 2

Trimax Mowing Systems has announced the world launch of the Snake Series 2. The S2 is set to significantly up the stakes in the Golf, Sports Turf and Municipality mower sector. The new machine comes with many of Trimax Mowing System’s most significant and innovative advances as standard.

The Snake was designed specifically for golf course fairway and rough maintenance. Its success has been unparalleled, and Trimax Snakes are now found at many of the world’s most prestigious golf courses.

With its high manoeuvrability and floating deck design, which handles undulating turf practically without any scalping, it wasn’t long before other sports codes and municipalities recognised the value of the Snakes capabilities.


What’s new on the Snake S2?

Trimax Mowing Systems designs and builds machines that deliver low total cost of ownership and long commercial life.

Greasing, cleaning, servicing, washing and adjusting all eat into active mowing time. Our mission is to minimise or eliminate down time where ever possible and keep your mower doing what you bought it for – cutting grass.

We are constantly rethinking all aspects of our machines to ensure we have the most efficient and user-friendly solutions possible. Here are the S2’s new features:

  • Wider Cutting Option. The S2 now comes in the original 3.2 metre width and the new 4 metre width.
  • The LocTEK Roller Retention System is now standard S2 kit. This system, unique to Trimax, dramatically changes roller maintenance and longevity. Bob Sievwright, Trimax Owner and Founder put it like this, “Servicing a roller mower with a stub can be complicated. Stubs need to be clean, adhesives need to be used, a given sequence of replacement needs to be followed, and if not maintained regularly or correctly we see worn stubs and compromised retention. Our LocTEK system eliminates all of that, it’s fool-proof!”
  • Thicker Roller Tubes. Heavier duty roller tubes enable the S2 to cut close to curbs, paving and bunkers and over undulating terrain and potholes without blade strike or scalping. The hard-wearing rollers are less likely to suffer damage or denting and need replacing far less often.
  • Auto Belt Tensioning. The Trimax belt tensioning system ensures constant, optimum power delivery to the spindles without the need check and re-tension the drive belts.
  • Maintenance-free Pivot Bushes. The S2 pivot bushes and spindles are maintenance-free – they never need greasing or adjusting and carry the same three-year warranty as the rest of the machine.
  • Gearbox Mount upgrade. The front decks on the 4 metre S2 have four spindles each. The gearbox mounting plates on the decks have been reinforced to handle the extra load the added spindles place on the system.
  • PTO fitting and removal is now easier thanks to increased clearance. This improves access for servicing and maintenance operations.
  • Axle stubs on the S2 are replaceable – another time saving maintenance and service feature.
  • 90º Rotatable Jack Stand. The S2 jack stand swings into and out of position. In the horizontal position it gives increased ground clearance during mowing and no more endless winding before and after operations.
  • Anti-wear skids – optional. Anti-wear skids protect the bottom edges of the side channels in rough terrain, prevent scalping and stop the decks bouncing when mowing at higher speeds.

Tried and Tested Features from the S1 Remain

Although there’s a lot of new kit on the S2, we only innovate where clear improvements can be realised; so the S2 retains all the features which contributed to the S1’s market domination.

The features you will recognize from the S1 are:

  • Zero-Turn Ability.
  • LazerBladez, which are standard on all Trimax rotary mowers.
  • Full Width Rollers.
  • Helical Roller Scrapers.
  • QuikLIFT enables all three decks to be raised just off the ground without disengaging the PTO.
  • Optional Roadkit adds mudguards, LED taillight clusters and safety chains.
  • Optional Remote Unlock is an electronically controlled deck locking system activated from the tractor cab.

Book Your Free Demonstration Now, Because Seeing is Believing

The Trimax Snake S2 is a formidable performer. See first-hand what it can do on your patch of turf.

Call +001 770 412 8402 and take advantage of our free demonstration service – no obligation!

In the meantime, go to  the Snake S2 page on our website to see it in action. You can also book a free demo online.

We are looking forward to showing you the S2 up close.

Say Goodbye to Roller Retention Issues with LocTek

Say Goodbye to Roller Retention Issues with LocTek

Trimax Mowing Systems announced that it’s saying goodbye to high maintenance stub and roller retention systems and introduced LocTEK – A patent pending stubless roller system unique to Trimax.

The main benefits of LocTEK over the traditional stubbed roller system are:

#1 Vastly Increased Retention and Strength: Traditional stubbed roller systems secure roller stubs directly into bearings using grub screws or collar locks, but this method has long been subject to stub and bearing wear from regular horizontal loading, and as a result – roller retention issues.

Traditional roller stubs often need to be re-machined or replaced to correct any wear issues effecting roller retention and alignment. LocTEK does away with these issues completely by using a high tensile threaded bolt, inserted through a protective zinc coated sleeve which locks the roller, bearing and side channels together. This simple yet innovative bolt system is not only free from wear but also provides a much stronger retention option and ensures ongoing and accurate roller alignment.

The new LocTEK system also includes increased strength tri-bolt bearing housings, which bolt to the side channels and have been upgraded from a two-bolt system.

#2 Increased Replacement Ease and Lower Maintenance Costs: LocTEK vastly reduces replacement time. Previously, removing an adhesive-fixed stub from a bearing could often be challenging and time consuming. LocTEK doesn’t require any specialist tools and can be replaced in as little as 15 minutes. The bolt can easily be removed from the roller and bearing system with an impact gun and the zinc sleeve, assembled with anti-seize, can be easily removed from the bearing.

Where some traditional systems require re-machining of the roller stub, or if the roller stub is too far gone – the purchase of a full new roller, LocTEK is comprised of independent parts that can be purchased separately. This means just the desired part can be acquired, providing significant cost savings.

#3 Increased Bearing Life: One of the most common causes of bearing failure is stub misalignment. Misalignment in roller stubs can cause the outer race of the bearing to oscillate inside the housing, wearing out bearings and the bearing housing prematurely and increasing replacement frequency. Having fully eliminated misalignment LocTEK bearings suffer less stress and last significantly longer. LocTEK also uses market proven, high quality bearings which have been subject to years of Trimax in-field testing.

To further aide bearing longevity LocTEK provides new added protection against water damage through a clever convex ridge on the end of LocTEK rollers. The roller ridge prohibits wafter running down a vertical roller in transport mode and reaching or pooling around the bearing.

LocTEK is now being produced on all Trimax Pegasus and Procut S4 mowers can be purchased as a retrofit system specifically developed for conversions of stubbed bearing systems on selected mowers. For more information on the new LocTEK System, or for a free demonstration please contact Trimax at +44 (0) 1933 652235.

New Zealand Pat. App. 737217
Australian Pat. App. 2016250934
UK Pat. App. 1718763.4
US Pat. App. 15/567,875

Trimax Snake – mower of choice for PGA Championship

Trimax Snake – mower of choice for PGA Championship

The golfing world watched as Tiger Woods made his comeback last month at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. East Lake’s Trimax Snake and the Trimax team were on hand as volunteers helping to prepare the course to championship condition in the lead up to the event. “Here at East Lake we’re always looking for equipment that is easy to use, easily maintained and is very efficient. The Trimax Snake meets those needs fully” says Wesley Holsenback, East Lakes Head Equipment Manager.

East Lake uses the Trimax Snake to maintain the course on a daily basis. It mows the rough to a high quality and the fine dispersion of the grass from the back of the mower creates a premium finish. Additionally, it is used for the aerification process in the fairways to bust up cores before they take the fairways unit through. “What stands out about the Snake”, says Wesley, “is that it’s not like a traditional rough mower where you have a full-length blade. They have ‘Lazerbladez’ and with the design of the blades, it is extremely easy to mow pretty much any kind of undulation or hill or mound, with absolutely no scalping whatsoever”.

“Between the ease of height adjustment to the ease of maintenance and greasing and the minimal bearings and belts that have to be maintained – it’s a great piece of equipment,” says Wesley. Trimax Snake owners benefit from a 3-year warranty the longest warranty in the market and genuine Trimax support. Built for agility, and incredibly robust, the Trimax Snake won’t fail to impress.

Hear what Wesley had to say below.

For more info on the Trimax Snake or to book a free demo visit

New Pegasus QuikLift Feature Saves Turf and Equipment

New Pegasus QuikLift Feature Saves Turf and Equipment

Commercial mower manufacturer, Trimax Mowing Systems, have this month introduced QuikLift – a unique electronic system to lift mower decks off the ground without the need to disengage the tractor PTO.

QuikLift’s features help increase efficiency and reduce maintenance. QuikLift helps eliminate turf damage by removing lateral movement of the mower rollers on the turf when making tight turns which increases yield or the turf usage area. Because of the reduction in lateral movement of the roller, bearing life is greatly increased as force on the bearing is eliminated. There are benefits for the tractor also. Because the PTO can still be engaged with the decks in the QuikLift position the operator doesn’t need to switch the PTO off and on. This greatly reduces PTO stress and reduces maintenance for the tractor itself.

The Trimax QuikLift is unique because the system utilises electrical proximity sensors to restrict the hydraulic rams from lifting. This is favourable compared to mechanical steel on steel systems which transfer high forces into the steel frame causing fatigue over time and mechanical wear points.

Quiklift is operated by a control box placed inside the cab of the tractor. Since it’s not fixed, drivers can place the control wherever they see fit for rapid operation. Decks can be lifted and dropped at the touch of a button and it’s able to be operated from the most convenient place for the driver.

For added safety the control monitors power to the QuikLift system, guarding against any possible PTO damage that may occur from unexpected power failure to the sensors. A LED Light system indicates when QuikLift is safe to operate.

Operators can fully customise QuikLift’s deck lift heights, giving them both the best user experience and operational effectiveness. With a simple adjustment between the pre-set holes located near the proximity sensors, operators can lift the deck anywhere between just off the ground and 3 feet high. This adjustment, dictated by the nature and evenness of the terrain, can speed up turns and further increase productivity.

“QuikLift is going to help our customers mow much more efficiently and is covered by our three-year warranty. And our warranty is the longest on the market, more than double what others are offering, because we stand behind our products.” ~ Bob Sievwright – Founder of Trimax Mowing Systems.

For more information on the electronic QuikLift System, or for a free demonstration please contact Trimax at +44 (0) 1933 652235 or visit the Trimax Pegasus page.