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Daring to push the boundaries and develop new innovative ways of working, Trimax are once again setting a new standard with the launch of their revolutionary new lift system.

Introducing the Multi-LIFT System – the ultimate in functionality and safety.

Available on both the Snake and Pegasus models, the Multi-LIFT System offers various lift functions for maximum productivity.

  • Individual-LIFT – for mowing in tight areas or past obstacles, either of the side decks can be lifted independently.
  •  Bi-LIFT – ideal for narrow gateways and driveways, Bi-LIFT offers rear deck mowing only.
  • Quik-LIFT – to traverse paths or for tight turns, all three decks can be raised slightly with the PTO still engaged
  • Transport Mode – lifts all three decks for road transport

MLS includes electric unlock as standard and can be easily operated from within the tractor cab by pressing a button on the LED controller.

Equipped with sensors and Drive Protect features the mower decks are prevented from lifting whilst the PTO is engaged. This protects machinery components, prolongs life span, and significantly reduces downtime.

The new MLS system also includes timed blade wind-down for bystander safety, ensuring decks cannot be lifted in unsafe conditions.

CE compliant and exceeding relevant ISO standards, customers can rest assured they are in safe hands with the latest Trimax innovations.

For more information or to see the MLS System in action, call Trimax on +44 (0)1933 652235.